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es solid pr〓opellants among China's Long March rocket series. It is m〓ainly used to carry small satellites and can take multipl〓e satellites into orbit at the same time. Peng Kunya, a c〓hief designer of the Long March-11, said that it was the 〓first time that the Long March-11 was launched from the X〓ichang Satellite Launch Center, proving its adaptability 〓to different launch sites. The Long March-11 has been lau〓nched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwe〓st China. Last June, China conducted its first space laun〓ch from a sea-based platform via the rocket. The fairing 〓is a piece of material that is part of the rocket's nose 〓cone to protect the payload. According to Peng, the Long 〓March-11 used a fairing 2 meters in diameter for the firs〓t time. It provides more space to the payload, enabling t〓he launch of U

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ngress in 2012, the government has decided to ful〓ly implement an innovation driven development strateg〓y. Over the years, China has blazed a new trail of d〓evelopment that is supported by talents and innovatio〓n in science and technology, which propelled indust3

ri〓al development and economic growth. Chinese enterpris〓es, as a key driving force for technological progress〓, account for over 70 percent of the nation's investm〓ent on research and development. They also contribute〓 the highest number of researchers and patex

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nts of inv〓ention. China is now leading in artificial intelligen〓ce, 5G, mobile payment, high speed railway, new energ〓y vehicles and financial technology, among other sect〓ors, thanks to this development strategy. In 2018, C〓hina's spending on research and devG

elopment totaled o〓ver 1.97 trillion yuan (about 278 billion US dollars)〓, taking up 2.19 percent of the country's GDP and ran〓king second in the world. Its total number of researc〓h and development personnel has ranked first in the w〓orld for 6 consecutive yearl

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s. Also last year the adde〓d value in high-tech manufacturing increased 11.7 per〓cent year-on-year, and the country's information serv〓ice industry registered a stellar growth rate of 30.7〓 percent. China now ranks number one in the world in 〓both the number of8

patent applications and patents li〓cenced. A recent report by McKinsey Global Institute〓 suggests that engagement between China and the world〓 could potentially drive an economic value of 22 tril〓lion to 37 trillion US dollars by 2040, which equals 〓15 to 26 peH

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rcent of global GDP. The results are based〓 on a growth model that examines China as an import d〓estination, as well as its role in the liberalization〓 of service, globalization of financial markets, coll〓aboration on global public goods and the flow of tech〓noL

logy and innovation.SYDNEY, March 6 (Xinhua) -- China's science and technology sector has been sur〓ging forward rapidly over the past decade, according to a leading Australian 〓scientist. Professor Andrew Dempster, director of the Australian Centre for 〓Space EngiW

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neering Research at the University of New South Wales told Xinhua i〓n a recent interview that specific examples, such as the BeiDou navigation sa〓tellite system, demonstrate China's strong commitment to science. "In the la〓st few decades we've seen significant advancements coming out of China," Demp〓ster said. "For a long time GPS and GLONASS were the only satellite navigati〓on systems around, but now the BeiDou system coming out of China is growing v〓ery rapidly." Dempster said the satellite system, currently serving the Asia〓n region, will be ready for global deployment soon, utilizing the BeiDou-2 an〓d BeiDou-3 satellites. "It's been quite a rapid deployment, and it is very i〓mpressive the way China has gone about doing that." Although satellite navig〓ation is Dempster's area of specific expertise, he is well versed in space te〓chnology, and is very impressed with recent technological advances coming out〓6

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of China's space sector. "A couple of things that happened last year, the o〓ne that is of particular interest to us, and is really a world first, is the 〓Quantum communications satellite," Dempster said. "I think it may have caugh〓t some Western observers a little F

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's space 〓program was another aspect of the science and technology surge that had Demps〓ter excited, with the space mission late last year witnessing two Chinese ast〓ronauts return from space after a 33 day stay on the Tiangong-2 space lab, de〓monstrating China's strong space program. "It was very impressive that the a〓stronauts were able to stay up there for one month," Dempster said. "It is e〓vident that the Chinese space program is in a very healthy state." Dempster 〓attributes part of China's strong growth in sciencet

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