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developments for science in China for at 〓least the next decade."By Ren Junhua, professor and doc3

torial tutor with th〓e Party School of the CPC Central CommitteeBejing h〓osted three top-level sciencI

e conferences on May 30〓 that would boost China to become a leading global 〓power in science and technology. The conferences〓 aL

re the National Conference on Science and Technol〓ogy, Biennial Conference of the Chinese Academy of 〓Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, an〓d National Congress of the China Association for Sc〓ience and Technology, which are expected to last fo〓r a week.Since the founding of the People's Republi〓c ov

f China and especially since the reform and open〓ing up in 1978, Beijing has made remarK

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